Víctor González joins Vangar

A graduate in Fine Arts from the University of Seville, Víctor González (Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz, 1996) has lived and worked in Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom, where he has held exhibitions and developed various projects. His work has recently been exhibited at the Royal Academy in London, Digallery in Seville and the Unicaja Foundation in Seville, among others.

His work intuitively explores the representational codes of painting through the interpretation of the cultural elements of his environment. Elements of different origins, such as architecture, ornamental materials or objects. A prism of his own, composed of shapes and sensations that act as a handle to pull a thread in which the painting reveals itself. Compositions that propose biogeometrically assembled spaces and environments in which the viewer's subconscious completes the construction of the pictorial image.

His first solo exhibition will take place in Vangar in February 2025.

Elena Núñez Mallén, new artist at Vangar

We are thrilled to announce the representation of Sevillian artist Elena Núñez Mallén. Her first solo exhibition will take place at Vangar in May next year.

Elena Núñez Mallén (Lantejuela, Seville, 1998) graduated in Fine Arts from the Universidad de Sevilla in 2020. In 2021 she moved to Bilbao to study the Master's in Painting at the Universidad del País Vasco.

Her work has its origins in everyday life. The encounter with certain anecdotal elements, which fascinate her in their latent presence in her environment, constitutes a kind of "MacGuffin" that allows her to begin to develop a plot, to formulate an operation. In her work, the artist sees each piece as an operation that is resolved by the encounter of patterns that link the original elements. Patterns that, for the most part, result from the transposition of these elements and that are the consequence of a need for self-knowledge in order to try to understand the relationship established with her vital context.

Her work has been exhibited in the XL National Contest of Contemporary Painting Ciudad de Utrera (2019), in the 17th Exhibition of the Crea Sevilla Joven Contest in the Sala Antiquarium (Seville, 2022) and also in the headquarters of the General Meetings of Bizkaia, (Bilbao, 2022), among others. She was a prize-winner in the 10th edition of the Painting Prize of the International University of Andalusia and a finalist in the 29th edition of the European Plastic Arts Competition of the University of Seville. Her works are included in the collections of the General Council of Vizcaya, the University of Seville and the International University of Andalusia.

Solo exhibition by Vicent Machí at the MuVIM

The Vangar artist Vicent Machí presents the exhibition La memòria del terra at the MuVIM (Valencian Museum of Illustration and Modern Art).

The exhibition is made up of a dozen large-format canvases and a video showing the artist's process of creating the pieces, in which the physicality of the terrain and the experiential nature of the activity take on a memorable meaning. These pieces, made specifically for MuVIM, are a continuation of previous work in her series About the Landscape. In both, Gavarda is the protagonist. Gavarda's landscape becomes a stage where natural forms and human actions coexist, forming a sedimentary amalgam of stories that intertwine to tell of the past. When Machí collects the epidermal particles from the soil of Gavarda, he composes a kind of memory of dust that serves as a stratigraphic study of life in this place.

Extract from Johanna Caplliure's text for the exhibition.

Lara Ordóñez, artist in residence at El Arreciado and AVAN/04

Vangar artist Lara Ordóñez will be taking part in two residencies in 2024.

On the one hand, she has been selected as a participant in the International Wool Symposium of El Arreciado, a residency in which artists such as Isidoro Valcárcel Medina, among others, have participated. The aim of this symposium, located in the rural environment of the province of Toledo, is to devote time to research and creative processes, taking into account the use of freshly cut wool.

On the other hand, she has been invited to take part in the AVAN/04 residency in the town of Forcall, Castellón, which aims to establish itself as a working network to collaborate with towns in the interior of Castellón, involving the local population, associations, social agents, cultural and artistic professionals, as well as public institutions.

The artist will present her first solo exhibition in Vangar in September, during the Valencia Open 2024.

Vangar celebrates 5th anniversary

On Friday the 15th of December 2018, Vangar will celebrate five years since it opened its doors. We would like to thank everyone who has helped and supported us in one way or another during this time.

To our artists, collectors, friends, colleagues and all the people who have visited the gallery, thank you!

Initially opened in the Ensanche of Valencia, from the beginning of 2023 Vangar has moved to a new space located at 22 Pedro III el Grande Street, in the Ruzafa neighbourhood of Valencia.

Claudia Pastomás, new artist represented by Vangar

Valencian artist Claudia Pastomás (1998) joins the ranks of artists represented by Vangar.

With a degree in Fine Arts and a Masters in Artistic Production from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Claudia Pastomás' artistic production is based on the pictorial and the installation. In his work he shows the processes of a medium that has been relegated, working with waste, limits and matter itself to explore how the paradigm has changed in relation to commercial production, reconstructing links between forms, materials and the obsolete to think about how they are activated in the present. A line of research and artistic production motivated by the search for new perceptions that revise traditional carpentry production.

Vicent Machí in the collection of the new Hortensia Herrero Art Centre

The work Font by Vangar artist Vicent Machí is part of the permanent collection of the new Hortensia Herrero Art Centre, which opened its doors in Valencia last weekend. Located in Calle del Mar 31, the restored Valeriola Palace houses more than 100 works by 50 internationally renowned artists, including Andreas Gursky, Anselm Kiefer, Georg Baselitz, Anish Kapoor, Cristina Iglesias and Mat Collishaw.

The centre has dedicated two rooms to the acquisitions of Abierto Valencia, including the work of Vicent Machí.

Lara Ordóñez presents the exhibition Cos i ficció in Castellón

The Vangar artist Lara Ordóñez has presented the exhibition Cos i ficció, curated by Dilalica, in the ECO Les Aules space in Castellón. The exhibition, which can be visited until the 6th of January, puts Lara's work in dialogue with that of Barcelona-based artist Ariadna Guiteras, inviting us to reflect on the possibilities of challenging the limits of what is predetermined in relation to the body. During the opening, Lara activated her piece Tejido Colectivo I, a work that will be woven throughout the exhibition by both the artist and the participants.

Lluc Margrau, Sorigué Foundation award at SWAB 2023

The Fundació Sorigué has awarded the work Posdata by the Vangar artist Lluc Margrau on the occasion of the Swab 2023 fair. The work, a diptych in solid brass, will become part of the foundation's permanent collection.

The contemporary art collection of the Fundació Sorigué, based in Lleida, includes works by Anselm Kiefer, William Kentridge, Julie Mehretu, Bill Viola, Juan Muñoz, Chiharu Shiota, Chuck Close, Anish Kapoor, Doris Salcedo and Antonio López, among others.

Alba Abellán, MANGO's Best Emerging Artist at SWAB 2023

The artist from Vangar, Alba Abellán, has been awarded Mango's Best Emerging Artist prize at Swab 2023. The diptych La granadella y Resilenciawild, made in monotype on canvas, will become part of the company's collection of contemporary art at its headquarters in Barcelona.

Abierto Valencia Awards 2023

Juan José Castellano Comenge Foundation Acquisition Award and Gandía Blasco Acquisition Award

The Vangar artist, Adrián Jorques, received two acquisition prizes for two of his works presented in his exhibition in the last edition of the 2023 Valencia Open. The Juan José Castellano Comenge Foundation awarded and acquired the work Behind Every Thing, and Gandía Blasco awarded and acquired the polyptych Recorrer los Remains.

Vicent Machí at PAM! PAM! 2023

The Vangar artist Vicent Machí will participate in the PAM! PAM! 2023 at the Reales Atarazanas de Valencia, from 28 September to 19 November 2023. In his series About the Landscape, Machí explains that the main objective is to carry out the works simultaneously with a tour of a specific territory. The landscape is both the main subject of the works and the object that paints them. He walks through the landscape, seeing how the events of the path appear, hoping that they will be able to shape the works.

Alba Abellán and Lara Ordóñez at the ECA in Ribarroja

Vangar artists Alba Abellán and Lara Ordóñez will participate in the exhibition Catharsis: Processes in Art, Man and Nature, curated by Alicia Ventura at the Espai d'Art Contemporani de El Castell ECA in Ribarroja de Túria, a proposal that brings together a selection of artists from all the LAVAC galleries. From 20 September 2023 to 7 January 2024, at the Espai d'Art Contemporani of El Castell ECA in Riba-roja de Túria.

Lluc Margrau & Teulat

The artist from Vangar, Lluc Margrau, together with the furniture brand Teulat, presents in the gallery a collection of design objects that they have developed jointly. This limited series seeks to highlight local identity and craftsmanship through the representation of elements of the Valencian imagination. The event closes the artist's solo exhibition, which will remain open until September 16.

Vicent Machí wins the painting prize at the Academy of Fine Arts

The Vangar artist Vicent Machí has won the XXIII National Painting Prize of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Carlos, which is held every two years. The jury awarded first prize to his work "Penya-Segat". The jury was chaired by Manuel Muñoz Ibáñez, President of the San Carlos Royal Academy of Fine Arts, and included academics Aurora Valero, José María Yturralde, José Saborit and Rafael Armengol.

V edition of the Festival dels Horts

The V edition of the Festival dels Horts will be held at Villa Rosita (Picanya) from the 19th to the 22nd of June. This year, Vangar is participating with the installation Un hort de branques y arrels by artists Lluc Margrau and Carles Llonch, the result of their artistic residency at the festival. The installation revolves around the concepts of memory and family, linked to the theme of this edition of the festival: Origins.

Vangar inaugurates its new space in Ruzafa

Vangar, which was founded at the end of 2018 and initially opened on Císcar Street in Valencia, is moving after almost five years to a new location, not far from the one it has occupied until now. The new space, larger and with higher ceilings, has opened its doors after a complete renovation.

Vangar unveils new logo and visual identity

To coincide with the opening of its new space, Vangar renews its visual identity with a new logo, graphic image and website, created by designer Miguel Maestro, which define the gallery's new brand image.