El camí de l'aigua


El camí de l'aigua


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Founded in 2018, Vangar works with national and international artists, bringing art to new audiences and building bridges between museums, institutions, foundations and public and private collections.

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El camí de l'aigua

Machí's painting is the unity of pigment and binder, of earth and water, of matter and image, of matter and action, of matter and evocation. These paths (again, the earth) of water lead us to an infinite territory where water flows rhythmically everywhere and appears to us as a total being, endowed with body and soul, a voice with a thousand sounds, a face with a thousand masks".

Extract from Juan Bautista Peiró's critical text on the exhibition.




Víctor González joins Vangar

A graduate in Fine Arts from the University of Seville, Víctor González (Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz, 1996) has lived and worked in Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom, where he has held exhibitions and developed various projects. His work has recently been exhibited at the Royal Academy in London, Digallery in Seville and the Unicaja Foundation in Seville, among others.

His work intuitively explores the representational codes of painting through the interpretation of the cultural elements of his environment. Elements of different origins, such as architecture, ornamental materials or objects. A prism of his own, composed of shapes and sensations that act as a handle to pull a thread in which the painting reveals itself. Compositions that propose biogeometrically assembled spaces and environments in which the viewer's subconscious completes the construction of the pictorial image.

His first solo exhibition will take place in Vangar in February 2025.

Elena Núñez Mallén, new artist at Vangar

We are thrilled to announce the representation of Sevillian artist Elena Núñez Mallén. Her first solo exhibition will take place at Vangar in May next year.

Elena Núñez Mallén (Lantejuela, Seville, 1998) graduated in Fine Arts from the Universidad de Sevilla in 2020. In 2021 she moved to Bilbao to study the Master's in Painting at the Universidad del País Vasco.

Her work has its origins in everyday life. The encounter with certain anecdotal elements, which fascinate her in their latent presence in her environment, constitutes a kind of "MacGuffin" that allows her to begin to develop a plot, to formulate an operation. In her work, the artist sees each piece as an operation that is resolved by the encounter of patterns that link the original elements. Patterns that, for the most part, result from the transposition of these elements and that are the consequence of a need for self-knowledge in order to try to understand the relationship established with her vital context.